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September 23, 2015

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Let’s face it, there are limited options when it comes to coffee in the South Bay. Local coffee culture is choked down by the ever populating chain coffee shops. I have found a few gems during my coffee adventuring with San Diego Coffee Questers, and today I offer you one more to add to the list.

Pavaraga – the World’s Most Luxurious Coffee

Disclosure Statement: I received a complimentary meal and coffee drink samples in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. However, as always, all opinions are my own. Read full blog disclosure statement.

Pavaraga actually originated in Hawaii where they have a family-owned farm that grows local produce including coffee beans. All of Pavaraga’s coffee comes directly from their farm in Hawaii and is roasted to produce a variety of specialty coffees. While many Pavaraga coffee shops exist in Hawaii, this is actually their first cafe on the mainland and has only been open since August 2015.

aloha pavaraga san diego

Did you know? Picking 7 lbs of coffee cherries will make one cup of brewed coffee

I was invited along with several other San Diego Filipino Blogger Network (#SDFBN) members to a coffee tasting last week. The owner Leo was excited for our arrival and prepared a delicious tour of Hawaii just for us.

Let’s start with North Kona.

Pavaraga created a roast called Kyoto Style which is made from an ice drip cold brew. It has a darker, yet warm taste to it.

Next was the Ka’u blend, coming from south point on the Big Island. I thought it had a bold stronger taste, like bitter dark chocolate. This was also served as a cold brew.

White chocolate cold brew pavaraga
White Chocolate Ka’u Cold Brew

The next tasting was the Kona blend from South Kona. This reminded me of a chocolate stout or an 80% dark chocolate bar. It wasn’t too sweet but had lots of flavor.

Kahiko from Oahu on the west side is apparently Obama’s favorite Pavaraga Coffee. I thought that it had a light and slightly bitter taste. Not my favorite. I like my coffee nice and rich.

craft coffee pavaraga

The last brewed coffee we tasted was the most interesting. It was called, 80 year old Wild grown coffee (from Oahu). Some curious person just happened to try and roast it then turn it into a cold brew and voila! I though it was dry like wine. It was also very concentrated with deep earthy tones. There was a distinct roasted taste to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it was almost like roasted wood.

Did you know? Pavaraga comes well recommended by various celebrities including Iron Chefs who helped design several menu items.

This panini (with bacon, avocado, turkey, and cheese, among other good things) designed by iron Chef Sakai was delicious.

chef sakai panini pavaraga chef sakai panini bite pavaraga

Check out my mini sized Chocolate Haupia Frappe (non-dairy). It had a chocolate and coconut flavor. Yum! Best ever on a hot day.

Chocolate Haupia Frappe pavaraga

We also sampled the Lilikoi iced tea and The Iron God of Mercy – a white oolong passion tea. Very refreshing with lots of fragrance.

Lilikoi iced tea pavaraga
Lilikoi Iced Tea
Iron God of Mercy pavaraga
Iron God of Mercy Tea

Leo also served us some desserts flown in from Hawaii – a Kona cookie crunch and two types of baclava.

Thanks Leo! You are awesome!

sdfbn pavaraga with Leo

Be sure to stop by Pavaraga and support the local coffee movement. Leo and his crew are very enthusiastic about sharing their love of coffee and will welcome you with plenty of aloha smiles.

Experience a taste of the Hawaiian islands. Indulge in luxury coffee. Go home happy.


Yours truly,
a girl who dreams


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