Tiny Teasers – Mountains Upon Mountains

January 21, 2016

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Tiny Teasers – Mountains Upon Mountains

It’s about time for another book teaser! I’ve been writing and editing like crazy during the Holiday “down time” and I wanted to share a little taste of what I’ve been working on.

For those of you not yet familiar with my story, I was a Peace Corps volunteer who was placed in the Philippines from 2011-2014. I lived there for three years working on youth and family community outreach programs. Such an incredible experience! If you ever get the chance to volunteer abroad, DO IT! I highly recommend Peace Corps or any other volunteer experience abroad at some point in your life. It changes your perspective on the world and teaches you more about yourself and the person you are capable of becoming!

And now, I present to you my Tiny Teaser: Mountains Upon Mountains

I finally moved to a little cement block house, just outside the city limits where the air was slightly fresher and the streets somewhat less claustrophobic. Being only a five minute, albeit uphill, walk to my workplace, the normal one-hour commute on a crowded jeepney was no longer part of my day. Instead, I developed really good glute muscles.

My residence was precariously glued to the side of a mountain and I could sit on my veranda or on top of the cement roof where I hung laundry and gaze far down into the valley. “Just as long as there are no landslides, you should be safe,” I was told by neighbors. The view across the valley overlooked enormous mountains upon mountains fading into the distance, sometimes even with a glimpse of the ocean beyond. Clouds drifted through in thick puffy formations and I had the feeling of living above the world. Like an island in the sky, surrounded by a sea of clouds.

Hope you enjoyed my Tiny Teaser! Excerpt too short? Then read the whole book instead! Get updates on my upcoming book here.

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