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How To Ride a Jeepney in the Philippines Like a Local

  How To Ride a Jeepney in the Philippines Like a Local I remember the first time riding a jeepney. I handed my 10-peso coin to the driver and sat back against the plastic vinyl seat letting my hair whip wildly in the Philippine breeze. It was an empowering moment, as if I had somehow accomplished something amazing. American learns how to ride a jeepney! I felt exhilarated. In that simple moment I fully realized for the first time what an…

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Baguio City

Top 10 Places to Visit in Baguio City I lived in Baguio as a Peace Corps volunteer for three years and absolutely enjoyed my time there. I loved the creative vibe, the abundance of live music, and the unique restaurants and cafes that produced delicious local dishes. While the city has plenty to see and do, these are the top places to visit in Baguio that I recommend to get a flavor of the best that Baguio has to offer. Get…

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‘Merica! – What Happens When You Spend Thanksgiving Abroad

  Ah Thanksgiving! That unique holiday, deeply imbedded in the heart of American society. Not every American celebrates Thanksgiving as enthusiastically or as traditionally as some, but there is some sentiment that Thanksgiving is ingrained as part of the American lifestyle. Popular culture, news, and commercials will be inundated with Thanksgiving-themed tidbits through all of October and November. It will be all about the Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes (wait, did the pilgrims make that?). We’re all gonna eat til…

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A Visitor’s Guide to the Baguio City Market

  A Visitor’s Guide to the Baguio City Market Markets are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in local culture, sample exotic food, and get a sense of the traditional handicrafts or goods of that particular country or region. For those of you who are lucky enough to soon be traveling to the Philippines, allow me to give you some insight into my favorite market of the Philippines, the Baguio City Market. I’ve traveled extensively around the country…

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