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Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego - Snoice

Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego

  Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego If you love trying new trendy food spots in San Diego, add Snoice to your bucketlist for tasting the unique Filipino ice dessert halo-halo.   Halo-Halo - The Filipino word for “mix-mix”   What is Halo-Halo? Halo-halo is a delicious cold dessert for a hot summer day. In the Philippines, you can find halo-halo stands on almost every street!   Halo-halo, a Filipino ice dessert, consists of different toppings like jackfruit, sweet…

adobo perfection

How to Make Filipino Adobo

How to Make Filipino Adobo Hopefully you’ve had at least had one Filipino friend who has brightened your day by cooking pancit (noodles), lumpia (fried egg rolls), and the most common of Filipino dishes, adobo.   “You’re Filipino? I love that adobo you guys have.”   Yup! Adobo is like the king ulam dish of Filipinos. Think: steak and potatoes = adobo and rice.   "Ulam" - the Tagalog word for a main dish   Have you ever wanted to…

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