Filipino American Voices - "What are You?" A Journey of Self Discovery

Filipino American Voices – What are You?

Filipino American Voices - What Are You? In the United States, Filipino Americans make up the second largest Asian group population. That’s pretty awesome! And each Filipino American has a unique voice and story to tell. That is why I am proud to introduce Filipino American Voices! A place for Filipino Americans to share their stories and experiences of what it is like being Filipino American. You can read last month's Filipino American Voices featuring Lora Bumatay - Lessons from a Balikbayan…

Mixed-Race Identity Through Cute Comics

Mixed-Race Identity Through Cute Comics I came across this comic by Kiana Khansmith and thought it was very unique and thoughtful in explaining the mixed-race experience. I especially liked the one where everyone else defines Puppitty with their own terms for who they think Puppitty is, as if they are somehow the experts on the matter. In reality, no one can define you except you. And even then, you don't have to be a perfectly boxed-in idea of a certain…

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