New Filipinx Jewelry Collection: Handcrafted and Sustainable Fashion by The Groggy Owl

September 4, 2019

The Groggy Owl - Filipino Jewelry Collection
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New Filipinx Jewelry Collection: Handcrafted and Sustainable Fashion by The Groggy Owl

If you’re into eco-friendly, socially responsible, handcrafted jewelry, be sure to check out the Filipina-owned shop, The Groggy Owl. Based in Canada, The Groggy Owl showcases unique handmade pieces made with a variety of materials and techniques, and always crafted with lots of love and care. I introduced this shop last year in the post Trendy Gifts for Your Favorite Filipina, and since then I have been in love with their different jewelry collections.

Just this last week, The Groggy Owl released their new Filipinx Collection, an ode to Filipino culture and roots. Sarah Dizon Sowinski, owner of the Groggy Owl, attributes her inspiration for the collection to her own Filipino roots, heritage, and family influence. 

Disclosure Statement: I received a complimentary gift in exchange for social media promotion. However, as always, all opinions are my own. Read full blog disclosure statement here.


Filipinx Jewelry Collection


Pinay Bar Earrings

One signature piece in the collection is the Pinay Bar Earrings, hand-stamped with the word “Pinay” (another word for a Filipina woman).

Pi·nay /ˈpiˌnī/ noun. A woman of Filipino origin or decent. A Filipina. A powerful force. A member of a vibrant community of strong, empowered women. 

Pinay Earrings - Filipinx Jewelry Collection

Pinay Earrings - Filipinx Jewelry Collection

I especially love these earrings because to me, they represent the sisterhood of supportive and giving Filipina women that I have come to know. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, mothers, writers, artists, travelers, and more. These strong pinays understand the power of community and the importance of lifting each other up. 


Hand-Stamped Bracelets

Also available in the collection are these bracelets that are hand-stamped with different Tagalog words such as “maganda” (beautiful), “bahala na” (it’s up to God, or, it is what it is), and “pinay” (Filipina woman). Choose from a variety of materials: Aluminum (Silver), Copper (Rose Gold), and Brass (Yellow Gold).

Filipino Inspired Bracelets - Filipinx Jewelry Collection Filipino Inspired Bracelets - Filipinx Jewelry Collection

They’re so simple, yet elegant. And each piece is handmade, which means that your jewelry will be one-of-a-kind. My favorite part about these is how the hand-stamped letters give it a unique style that can’t be found in mass produced jewelry at the mall. 


Full Collection

Check out the new Filipinx Collection (and many other beautiful jewelry collections) on The Groggy Owl website.

Filipino Inspired Fashion - Filipinx Jewelry Collection

P.S. I’m loving the shoutout to my book Somewhere in the Middle, in this promo photo! Thanks to Sarah for including it!


About The Groggy Owl

A self-taught artist and jewellery maker, Sarah Dizon Sowinski is the founder, designer and maker behind The Groggy Owl. Sarah completed her BA in International Development Studies, where she focused on ethical business practices and social responsibility. She is currently working on a post-grad in Business and Human Resources, with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Her specialties are electroforming, hand-stamping, basic metalsmithing, zero waste jewellery, clay jewellery, and wire-weaving.

Check out this beautifully made video of her business in action. I have to say that I’m secretly jealous of her jewelry and metal-working abilities. I wish I had the skills and know-how to create unique jewelry like this!

And if you live in Ontario, Canada, Sarah also does pop-up shops where you can check out and buy her jewelry in person. Visit her Events Page for more info.


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