Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego

July 18, 2017

Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego - Snoice
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Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego

If you love trying new trendy food spots in San Diego, add Snoice to your bucketlist for tasting the unique Filipino ice dessert halo-halo.


Halo-Halo – The Filipino word for “mix-mix”


What is Halo-Halo?

Halo-halo is a delicious cold dessert for a hot summer day. In the Philippines, you can find halo-halo stands on almost every street!


Halo-halo, a Filipino ice dessert, consists of different toppings like jackfruit, sweet beans, corn, jellies, banana, purple yam, or leche flan, mixed in with shaved ice, condensed milk and ube (purple yam) ice cream. The ube ice cream is usually what gives it that distinct purple look.


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Where to Go for Halo-Halo in San Diego

There are a lot of different options for getting halo-halo in San Diego. A lot of times you can find halo-halo on the dessert menu of Filipino Restaurants, like my experience at Goldilocks Bakeshop.


Or you can find special dessert shops that serve halo-halo among other ice dessert specialities.


Snoice halo-Halo

I decided to try Snoice the other day to satisfy my craving for halo-halo and I was not disappointed!


snoice sd serves halo halo


halo halo, the filipino ice dessert from snoice sd


They have the original halo-halo option with set toppings or you can do the custom option and choose up to 6 of your preferred toppings.


I went for the custom because I definitely have my favorite toppings I can’t go without in halo-halo! Bananas, leche flan, and jellies are my must-have toppings for any halo-halo! 


Snoice halo-halo comes in a to-go cup that makes it easy to eat in the shop at one of their tables, or take it on the road.


halo halo sign board at snoice san diego


What is Snoice?

Snoice is a dessert shop that specializes in shaved snow, halo-halo, and boba teas. They’re located in a small strip mall in Paradise Hills. It’s right next door to Kababayan Bakery which actually sells Filipino counter-style food options as well.


It’s cool to see how halo-halo and other Asian ice desserts have become very trendy lately!


halo halo, a filipino ice dessert from snoice san diego


Have You Tried Halo-Halo Yet?


If you haven’t tried halo halo yet, you need to go! Let me know what you think of it!


What are your favorite halo-halo spots in San Diego? Share your recommendations below!


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Where to Grab Halo-Halo in San Diego

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