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September 12, 2015

mostra cold brew craft coffee san diego
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Yesterday I went with the San Diego Coffee Questers to a cold brew release party at Mostra Coffee, located in Rancho Bernardo. It’s in North County? I thought as I googled directions. “The North,” tends to be a land of suburban neighborhoods filled with chain restaurants and chain coffee shops. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink Starbucks. But I love craft coffee too. I don’t consider myself a coffee snob, but I do enjoy seeing local businesses who take pride in their art and craft.

This is what I mean. Check out this excerpt from Mostra’s website:

“MOSTRA. The Italian word for ‘show,’ ‘exhibition,’ or ‘performance.’ We are dedicated to giving the best performance. From the quality of our coffee beans, to the way we roast, brew, and serve our customers. Mostra Coffee. Because the best performances offer the best of life.”

Who knew that such a gem could exist in an unlikely location? But I’m sure being the oasis for locally roasted craft coffee does have its benefits. Maybe they will be the pioneers for bringing more craft coffee to the North County. Yay!

I opted for trying the Indonesia Sumatra pour over.

mostra pour over san diego

How does a pour over work, exactly? It’s really simple. It’s basically a simple method of brewing, using just enough ground coffee beans for one serving. Placing the beans in a filter, the barista pours the water over the grounds in gradual successions. It takes about 4 minutes.

Mmm, delicious!

mostra pour over coffee san diego

I also bought a bottle to take home of the Mostra Cold Brew Elder Mostrasity – barrel aged coffee – with a slight taste of Coconut. Seriously, it was heaven in a bottle.

It made my Sunday morning extra lovely.

elder mostrasity cold brew craft coffee san diego

Guess what? One of the owners is Filipino and he told me about how Mostra Coffee is planning to offer a new roast using beans from the Philippines. The coffee bean farm they are working with is located in Mindanao, the southern most part of the country. Although the Philippines produces a lot of coffee, most people are not familiar with it, yet. But they will. Local Philippine roasters, such as Bana Cafe in Sagada, were my favorite for buying grounds for my daily morning brewed coffee. Look for the new line of Philippines coffee at Mostra this coming fall!


Want to join us in our coffee questing adventures? Check out San Diego Coffee Questers here. Feel free to just show up at our weekly Saturday morning meet ups. We love meeting new people and sharing our love of coffee.

*This was originally posted on the blog A Girl Who Dreams. Check it out for more San Diego Lifestyle articles.

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