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What’s Your Crazy? – Confessions of a Peace Corps Volunteer

What’s Your Crazy? - Confessions of a Peace Corps Volunteer Today is the 5th anniversary of the day I left America. I had decided to join Peace Corps after experiencing one of those life moments where you feel like you could do anything. The world was calling and nothing would hold me back from following my heart. Sitting in the L.A. airport after a whirlwind Peace Corps volunteer orientation, I tried to joke around with some of the other volunteers,…

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‘Merica! – What Happens When You Spend Thanksgiving Abroad

  Ah Thanksgiving! That unique holiday, deeply imbedded in the heart of American society. Not every American celebrates Thanksgiving as enthusiastically or as traditionally as some, but there is some sentiment that Thanksgiving is ingrained as part of the American lifestyle. Popular culture, news, and commercials will be inundated with Thanksgiving-themed tidbits through all of October and November. It will be all about the Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes (wait, did the pilgrims make that?). We’re all gonna eat til…

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