Cambio Market – Fair Trade Goods from Philippine Artisans

November 1, 2017

Cambio Market - Fair Trade Goods from Philippine Artisans
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Cambio Market – Fair Trade Goods from Philippine Artisans

What is Cambio Market?

On a mission for social good, Cambio Market sells thoughtful, socially minded products made by artisans in the Philippines. Everything is fair trade, sustainably made, and designed for creating change. Change happens by empowering artisans in the Philippines, social entrepreneurs, and finally, YOU. Yes, you can help make a difference by the products you choose to buy and support.

Cambio (pronounced Cam-bee-oh) is Spanish for “change.”

But more than change, the handcrafted goods are also beautiful and unique! Cambio Market is a collection of well-crafted, high quality products, showcasing the amazing handiwork of Filipino artisans.


Disclosure Statement: I received complimentary products in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. However, as always, all opinions are my own. Read full blog disclosure statement.


Cambio Market Fair Trade Products

The People Behind the Name

I recently met Jérôme and Gelaine, co-founders of Cambio Market, and got to chat with them about their exciting social entrepreneurial venture. They recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of Cambio Market and happily reported the growth and positive changes that have happened over the past two years.

What struck me the most about our conversation was the passion they have not just for promoting high quality products made in the Philippines but for creating change and social good in the world.

This is something I resonate with a lot – as many of you might remember, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer program in the Philippines working on community outreach programs. Making a difference is what I try to center my life around. And Jérôme and Gelaine are doing an amazing job at it!



Cambio Market – Jewelry Product Reviews

Cambio Market packaging

I was super excited when I got my package in the mail and found the products neatly wrapped inside! With burlap sack material for the bags and delicately wrapped in tissue paper, the packaging was super trendy! I almost didn’t want to open them because they were too cute!

But when I finally did, I found even more beautiful pieces of jewelry inside along with notes about each product.

Pearl Necklace – by Tayo

In Tagalog, “tayo” is loosely translated to “all of us.” But it also means “to stand,” or “to build. The company Tayo uses all of those meanings as part of their branding – to promote a world where we stand together and build a new future for all of us. Very clever.

Cambio Market Pearl Necklace

The necklace itself is very pretty! The gold chain is of high quality material and shimmers in the light. I love it! I also like the fact that it is very simple but elegant and matches with any of my clothing. I wear it with a set of pearl earrings I have and they go go really well together.

I also love that when I wear the necklace, I am not only supporting artisans in the Philippines, but it helps me feel more connected to the Philippines. Sometimes, distance from a place you call a second home leaves you with a longing to return. I feel like that a lot lately and hope to get back to the Philippines someday. But wearing this piece helps me feel just a little bit closer to the land and the people I love.

Cambio Market Pearl Necklace - Tayo

The little card that comes with the necklace gives the name of the person who made that particular piece of jewelry, helping me feel a personal connection I could never find just shopping at the mall.


Upcycled Jewelry – by Olivia & Diego

These pieces are bright, colorful, funky, and fun!

Cambio Market Upcycled Jewelry

But the story behind them is even better! The company is called Olivia & Diego started by a female entrepreneur in the Philippines. She empowers artisans to make jewelry from old t-shirts, and in doing so, also helps to draw attention to the issue of landfills and trash – a huge problem in the Philippines.

The full story on Olivia & Diego can be found here. I was super inspired by her journey as an entrepreneur and am happy to learn that business ventures like hers are successful and supported in her community. I hope to find more stories like hers!

Cambio Market package

I love the bracelets, as they are very easy to wear with anything casual. The materials and craftsmanship of both the bracelets and necklace are well put together and have a cute design using the different colored threads.

I have to admit that I was not totally sold at first on the necklace. Maybe because I am not used to wearing larger necklaces, but I also just don’t think it’s my style. This would be a great accent piece for anyone who loves larger, unique pieces of jewelry.

However, I decided to give it a try and wore it to FilAmFest last weekend. I got several compliments and it gave me a chance to tell people how they were made and where they came from. People were pretty impressed to learn that they were made from upcycled t-shirts. Both the bracelets and necklace are great conversation starters because of the unique and colorful nature they have.

olivia and diego necklace

Be a Savvy Shopper

Many view Philippine-made products as cheap, tacky, or of low quality. But Cambio Market is on a mission to dispel that notion and showcase the talent and innovation of artisans in the Philippines.

You can help create change in the world by choosing to buy quality fair trade products. You help support the livelihood projects of those aspiring to make a better future for themselves – including the entrepreneurs who help develop the business as well as local artisans who create the products.


You Can Help!

Supporting fair trade goods, empowers Philippine artisans and helps create sustainable change both in the Philippines and here in the U.S.

You can help support their mission and work of Cambio Market by purchasing products on their website, or spreading the word to your friends and family.


What kinds of Philippine products do you love? Share your thoughts below.


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