10 Reasons Why You Should be at Panagbenga Festival this Year

January 18, 2018

panagbenga festival street dancing parade baguio
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10 Reasons Why You Should be at Panagbenga Festival this Year

February is Panagbenga Flower Festival time! Panagbenga Festival is a must-see festival that happens annually in Baguio, Philippines.

10 Reasons Why You Should be at Panagbenga Festival this Year

1. The Flowers

Panagbenga is a Kankana-ey word which means “the season for blooming.” Flowers are everywhere! Come be inspired by the beauty whether it’s the giant flower decorations hung up around town or real garden arrangements on display for competition, you’ll definitely see a lot of color and life in the city.

panagbenga flower festival baguio philipines

2. Cool Weather

Escape from the overbearing heat of the lowlands and visit Baguio where cool weather beckons with open arms. Hang out in the park for an afternoon of lounging in the crisp fresh air.

camp john hay baguio philippines

3. Burnham Park Market Encounter

This is basically food and handicraft stalls located next to the lake in Burnham Park. Shwarma, anyone? Take a seat on a bench and watch tourists awkwardly trying to maneuver their swan boats by pedal power.

Burnham Park is also where the flower and garden arrangements are showcased for the big competition.


4. Strawberries

Strawberries are coming back in season and Baguio is the place to get them. Visit the Baguio Public Market for delicious looking displays of those tantalizing delicacies.

Don’t forget to buy lots of pasalubong gifts to bring back to your family. You know they’re gonna want those chocolate crinkles and strawberry pastillas.

baguio strawberries panagbenga festival

5. Street Dancing Parade

Awesome parade of Filipino dances. My favorite ones are the native Cordilleran dancing with the rhythmic gongs and spear-bearing men in hunters garb.


panagbenga festival street dancing parade baguio

6. Grand Float Parade

If you don’t mind waking up super early (5am!) and fighting the crowds (and those complaining lolas) for elbow room, this parade has some pretty cool floats made entirely from flowers.

If you miss out on the parade, you can also stop by Burnham Park where they keep them on display afterwards.


panagbenga floral parade baguio

flower float parade panagbenga festival

7. Session in Bloom

The main street, Session Road, closes down for a week to make room for fun food and craft booths. You’ll find cuisines from restaurants all over the Philippines.

There are also two stages that have bands performing every night.


session in bloom panagbenga baguio

session in bloom night panagbenga festival


8. Foot-Long Hot Dogs

You gotta try it at least once.


foot long session in bloom panagbenga festival


9. Fireworks

Not just one night of Fireworks, but two nights at the Panagbenga Flower Festival. Yes, that is pretty exciting.


10. Fun Festivities all February Long!

Yes, Panagbenga Festival literally lasts all month long, and then some (it creeps into March too). Check out the Panagbenga Festival website and print a schedule of activities for the whole family.


What is your favorite thing about the Panagbenga Festival? Have you been to other festivals in the Philippines? Share your stories below!


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10 Reasons Why You Should Be at Panagbenga Festival This Year


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